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weight loss training
30 min. intensive 
HIIT lessons

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Practice  30 min.
burn fat  60 min.

You spent sometimes 4 hours running on a treadmill and thinking, "Isn't there a better way to lose weight?" It turned out yes!


 Our workouts are designed to achieve the best weight loss results only in 30 minutes of training!


We have discovered a new training formula FFB (Fat Fast Burning) concept that will allow you to burn twice as many calories in half an hour of your training than in a typical hourly workout! How is it possible? These are not miracles, this is science!


The FFB concept combines three research-supported weight loss methods for the most effective and sustainable weight loss we have ever encountered. These three methods are:

High intensity interval training


The best weight loss exercise

The training we have chosen is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT training is an intensive and fun full-fledged exercise, during which you will reach better and faster results.

Fat burn po cvičení


Practice  30 minutes and burn fat 60 minutes!

After HIIT exercise, the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase is activated, which breaks down fats. So after the 30 min workout your body burns fat by itself. All you need is not eating or drinking anything other than clean water for 30 min after the workout.

Zrychlení metabolizmu


Turn your body into a fat burning machine

If you exercise FFB training regularly, you will permanently increase your metabolism. Your body will turn into a fat burning machine and you will keep loosing weight even during sleep.                               


žena zhubla předtím a potom
I lost 10 cm


I achieved my goal of losing 5 kg of fat. In the end, I lost even 6.5 kg. My body fat percentage decreased from 28.9% to 18.2% and I lost 10 cm in my waist. My confidence reaches the clouds and I feel the best I've ever had.  

Jana M.

žena 49 v dobré kondici
I lost 3 kg of fat


Starting to exercise was the best decision in my life . I decided to do so when I was 49. I lost 3 kg of fat and gained 2 kg of muscle. I feel great in my body. Healthy and fit. I recommend not to be afraid and try, it's worth it!


Hanka Č.

žena zhubla tuk na pažích
I strengthened my hands


I ended up 5 kg lighter, I lost the folds on my hips and the sagging skin on my hands that bothered me so much. Finally, I can put on my favorite jeans and a T-shirt that I've been hiding since my first pregnancy. My dream has come true and I am very proud of myself.  



Diana L.

žena 40 let fit a spokojená
Jana recommends FFB!



I have changed my body from 120 kg to 75 kg.


I've been fat all my life. Mocking from girls, boys and family, I was unfortunately used to that. My husband was the inspiration for losing weight, who started it and turned from a fat man into a fitness guy. I resisted, I was comfortable. And I also gave birth to 3 children in a row, I lived only for them and totally coughed at myself. Then I started to be jealous of my husband's change, I took a bite and started. The basis of weight loss was food, changing the diet was key for me. It was also important to practice in an environment where I don't have to be ashamed, I had a big block to go training among people before. Now I am confident and I am very proud of myself. I want to tell you that if I did it, you can do it too! Just bite and persevere :)

Lenka J.

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