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Perfect tanned body and better mood -  you can achieve all this by regular sunbathing in  SOLARIUM .

We offer tanning at a professional level in horizontal solariums Ergoline 400 and Ergoline 600 . These solariums are made from the most modern materials using the most advanced technologies, and both of our solariums are equipped with new tubes with the latest tanning technology and support for the production of vitamin D. 

Important Vitamin D

Today, most people live and work indoors and lack the natural sunlight that our ancestors received daily. Therefore, it is very difficult for us to maintain the necessary level of Vitamin D , especially in winter, when the sun is too low. Due to our changed lifestyle, people suffer from the effects of low Vitamin D levels. For this reason, leading Vitamin D experts recommend mild sunbathing twice a week.

In the solarium, ultraviolet radiation, better known as UV radiation, acts on us. Doses of UV radiation are not harmful to the body and help with the production of vitamin D. However, nothing should be exaggerated. There should be a break of at least two days between two visits to the solarium.

UV radiation makes up 90% of Vitamin D. Worldwide scientific and medical studies have shown that Vitamin D has a positive effect on cell, bone and organ health, reduces the risk of breast cancer, acts against autoimmune and skin diseases and has a positive effect on mental health.

Price list:








Prices are paid at the reception in cash or by card. No reservation needed.

Ergoline 600 solarium

1min. - 15CZK

50min. - 599CZK

100min. - 990CZK

250min. - 2.250CZK

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