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Private sauna in the center of Prague

Saunas are known and popular for their positive effects on the human body. They affect the quality of the skin, harden the body and improve its defenses. They strengthen the body, but at the same time serve for perfect relaxation after exercise . In our private wellness  you will enjoy the effects of the sauna without shyness and to the fullest. 

Positive effects of sauna and steam

Regular sauna increases the body's resistance to common upper respiratory tract infections, stimulates the body's hormonal and nervous functions, and increased sweating rids the body of waste products that are formed during metabolic processes. The sauna supports your body's immunity, has a positive effect on the psyche and alleviates musculoskeletal problems. Heat increases the extensibility and elasticity of ligaments, so sauna is suitable even for rheumatic problems.

The steam bath  moistens and warms to a lower temperature. Regular steam visits increase the body's stiffness and make the body more resistant to common upper respiratory tract infections. The steam is suitable for chronic rhinitis, nasopharyngitis, rheumatic diseases and other movement problems. It has a positive effect on sufficient blood supply to the limbs and insomnia. It also has a beneficial effect on skin health, helps cleanse pores, treat acne and fight cellulite. Steam serves for the overall recovery and relaxation of body and mind.

The benefits of our wellness

  • The sauna can be used after exercise to relax and warm up the muscles

  • privacy

  • peace

  • can be ordered  massage  directly to the wellness

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