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Richard Soja, MBA

*Professional fitness and bodybuilding trainer, nutritionist*

Weight reduction

Building muscle mass and strength

Posture, stretching, mobility, pain relief

Preparation for competitions

Power training

Technique and correct execution of exercises

Online coaching


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Klára Klimtová

My name is Klára Klimtová and I have been training for over 7 years. I am a passionate athlete and I cannot imagine life without exercise.

My goal in life is to motivate people to move, so that my clients exercise mainly for themselves, get results and enjoy training. I focus on all types of training and try to tailor each training to the client.


-circular and fitness training, tabata

-functional trainings

-weight reduction

- strength training

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Nikola trenérka.png

Nikol Štiková

I focus mainly on women's training, which includes strength, functional and rehabilitation elements focused on the client's goal - weight reduction, body shaping or getting in better shape.

I believe that thanks to exercise we can shape both our figure and our own personality. We will strengthen not only the muscles, but also our own self-confidence and self-belief.

I am currently a student of nutrition counseling and my most recently completed courses include Rehabilitation in Coaching Practice and Sports and Rehabilitation Massage.


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Kateřina Adámková

I am a personal trainer, I deal with comprehensive counseling in the field of nutrition, sports and a healthy lifestyle. My clients include both complete beginners and advanced players. I prepare trainings tailored to each client, taking into account possible imbalances, I adapt to current indispositions and requirements. I constantly vary the workouts so that there is no stagnation and that the exercises are still fun. I combine exercises with my own weight on the TRX, exercises with rubber bands, balls, dumbbells.

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