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Miroslav Malina

"During my exercises, I try to make my body as efficient as possible. I am not a supporter of lifting heavy dumbbells or drastic diets.  I try to make people know that we are doing the exercises for ourselves, for fun and not afraid to decide to start with change. Personally, I prefer a functional body that one can rely on and jump over a fence, for example. Thanks to that, I mainly use my own body weight in my exercises. 

Exercise is my pastime and I don't mind any sport. I love running, snowboarding, cycling, climbing, wakeboarding, tennis, swimming, basketball, surfing and squash. "



  • Snowboarding instructor

  • Paddleboarding instructor

  • Coach  BK Prosek

  • Fitness Paty -   TRX, circuit training

  • Fitness Kulaťák - functional training

  • Potírna - TRX, circular training, functional training

  • Fortuna - Circular training for employees

+420 728 479 549

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