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Lukáš Reisinger

"I was lucky to reach the right people at a young age (Charles Poliquin, Christian Thibaudeau, Tim Ferriss, Pavla Kladivová, Adam Česlík, Boris Orava, Jakub Zadražil and others) and the information that led me to a conscious approach He has taken and still take only the best from the best, and I create my own working system, which I base on studies, practice, interviews with colleagues and experts in the field, and my own intuition. 
I have already helped dozens of clients who have tried all sorts of approaches, they have always failed, but they have found the right path for me. "


  • Coaching for trainers and nutritionists - Bc. Martina Kulichová, Fitness Institute 2021

  • Basic exercises seminar - Jonáš Petřík, Train hard gym 2020

  • Performance Advisor - Performance University 2019-2020

  • Primal move I. and II. - Pavla Kladivová, Pavla Kladivová Arena

  • Spine stabilization system - Antmann 2019

  • Metabolic types - Boris Orava 2019

  • Fitness class II instructor - RonnieCZ 2019

  • Fitness class III instructor - BPsport 2019

How can our nutritionist help you?

  • Transforming a character into your image

  • Working with energy  

  • Health optimization

  • Psyche optimization

The cooperation always begins with an initial consultation, where you will look into your life together and according to the output, a solution will be proposed to you. After the consultation, you will receive a practical, individual manual, which will be processed into a simple form so that you have all the information in one place. You will have a choice of one-time or long-term cooperation.

One-time cooperation

  • It contains two consultations and a complete individual manual

  • Sleep optimization

  • Proper nutrition according to your metabolic and neuro type

  • Seasonal dining information

  • Instruction on fluid intake and overall mineralization of the organism  

  • Microbiome and how to take care of it

  • Science of stress management techniques  

Long-term cooperation

In this case, the cooperation consists of regular personal or online consultations, in which we conduct a conversation about your current status and goals. The content of this cooperation is all of the above, but everything is dosed gradually so that you are better able to grasp and apply it.

At the same time you will also learn:

  • Lifelong eating

  • You will become the master of nature and you will know how to use it to your advantage

  • You will learn to use supplements and tailor-made supplements

  • You will be entrusted with a professional coach, thanks to whose guidance you will determine your direction in life using special coaching methods.


Telephone number: +420 739 980 523



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