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Kateřina Adámková

Katka is an experienced trainer who has also gathered her valuable knowledge abroad. He specializes in fat reduction and weight loss, body shaping, gaining muscle mass and strengthening with your own weight. He constantly monitors current events in the field of fitness, regularly deepens his education and is interested in the latest trends. She likes to use a variety of training techniques and aids, which makes exercising with her varied and fun. In addition to their knowledge, clients also appreciate her motivational skills, empathy and friendly approach.

What can you contact Katka with?

  • I want to lose weight

  • I want to reduce subcutaneous fat

  • I want to improve my physique

  • I want to gain muscle mass

  • I want to improve posture

  • I want to eliminate muscle imbalances

  • I want to eliminate back and musculoskeletal pain

  • I want a training plan with instructions on how to exercise at home

  • I want to improve my health

  • I want to work out at home

+420 606 697 677

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