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Practice 30 min. and lose weight 60 min.

Have you ever spent hours running on a treadmill and thought, "Isn't there a better way to lose weight?" Turns out it is!


At PINK GYM, our workout is designed to achieve the best weight loss results in just 30 minutes of training!


We have discovered a new FFB training formula concept that will allow you to burn twice as many calories in half an hour of our training as a typical one-hour workout! How is it possible? These are not miracles, they are science!


The FFB concept combines three research-supported weight loss methods for the most effective and sustainable weight loss we have ever encountered. These three methods are:



The most effective exercise for weight loss

The training we have chosen is called HIIT (high intensity interval training). HIIT training is an intensive and fun full-fledged exercise, in which you will achieve results in 30 minutes, which you will achieve in 60 minutes in other exercises!

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Exercise for 30 minutes and lose weight for 60 minutes!

After HIIT exercise, the enzyme hormone-sensitive lipase is activated, which breaks down fats. So after practice another 30 min. your body burns fat itself. All you have to do is not 30 min. after exercise eat or drink anything other than clean water.

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Accelerate fat burning

In addition, if you exercise HIIT regularly, you will permanently increase your metabolism and weight loss after exercise will continue between workouts! So you will lose weight even during sleep.

Of course, proper eating is a very important part of the weight loss process. With us, you will therefore receive a tailor-made menu and recommendations for proper nutrition, which were prepared by our nutrition and weight loss expert. We care about you, your results and satisfaction, so you get all this from us for FREE.


We don't want you to waste money and waste time inefficient weight loss. We want to lose fat and maintain or strengthen muscle mass. That's why we measure weight loss results on the InBody bioimpedance device and you have all the measurements on this great device for FREE!

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